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"The two lights that saved me from bursting into flames last night – Scott Baumgart, who is always a pleasure to talk to. Scott’s especially is worth listening again, five times more because most members don't realize how methodically he has done everything - credit, crews, money, black book - he makes it looks so easy but there is a "plan" inside his head. Trust me on that."
Mark Ijlal, real estate guru

"Scott taught me how to buy and sell homes in one day. His mentor program got me all my money back and more on my first deal.  Great return on my money.  I recommend him highly."
V Dimcevski, local investor

"I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for buying our home, quickly and fairly
H Delmonoco, out of state seller

"I have been a realtor for several years and have never met an investor like you.  I wish I had more professionals like you to work with. Lets break sales records again this year."
G Schnekenburger, realtor

"Tell me how to use my retirement account to fund real estate.  I want to invest for greater than market returns."
G Oman, local business owner 

"Can you teach me what you do?"
Countless people on the street